State Power

Authorities and Structure

Separation and Cooperation of Powers

The Legislative, the Executive and the Judicial Powers are separate and cooperate in the exercise of their prerogatives in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution.

The Constitution as the Supreme Law

The Constitution of the Republic of Moldova is the supreme law of the country. No laws or other legal acts and regulations in contradiction with the provisions of the Constitution may have any legal power.

Observance, of International Law and International Treaties

1. The Republic of Moldova pledges to respect the Charter of the United Nations and the treaties to which she is a party , to observe in her relations with other states the unanimously recognized principles and norms of international law.

2. The coming into force of an international treaty containing provisions contrary to the Constitution shall be preceded by a revision of the latter.

The Unity of the Nation and the Right to National Identity

1. The national unity of the Republic of Moldova constitutes the foundation of the State. The Republic of Moldova is the common and indivisible motherland of all her citizens.

2. The State recognizes and guarantees all its citizens the right to preserve, develop and express their ethnic, cultural, linguistic and religious identity.

The Republic of Moldova as a Neutral State

1. The Republic of Moldova proclaims her permanent neutrality.

2. The Republic of Moldova will not admit the stationing of any foreign military troops on its territory.

State Symbols

Drapelul de Stat al Republicii MoldovaThe State flag of the Republic of Moldova

The State flag of the Republic of Moldova is a tricolor. The colours are arranged vertically in the following order from the flagpole: blue, yellow, red. The coast of arms is printed on the central yellow stripe of the tricolor.

Coat of Arms

Moldova’s coat of arms consist of a shield divided horizontally into two parts: the upper part is red, and the lower part is blue with a superimposed auroch’s head showing, between its horns an eight-pointed star. On its right the auroch’s head is flanked by a five –petalled rose, and on its left by a slightly rotated crescent. All heraldic elements present on the shield are of golden (yellow) colour. The shield is laid on the breast of a natural eagle holding in its break a golden cross, in its right claw a green olive-tree branch and in its left claw a golden sceptre.



 The State Anthem of the Republic of Moldova

verse by Alexei Mateevici, music by Alexandru Cristea

Limba noastră-i o comoară
În adîncuri înfundată
Un şirag de piatră rară
Pe moşie revărsată.

Limba noastră-i foc ce arde
Într-un neam, ce fără veste
S-a trezit din somn de moarte
Ca viteazul din poveste.

Limba noastră-i frunză verde,
Zbuciumul din codrii veşnici,
Nistrul lin, ce-n valuri pierde
Ai luceferilor sfeşnici.

Limba noastra-i limbă sfîntă,
Limba vechilor cazanii,
Care o plîng şi care o cîntă
Pe la vatra lor ţăranii.

Răsări-va o comoară
În adîncuri înfundată,
Un şirag de piatră rară
Pe moşie revărsată.